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Ogon is a company dedicated to the art, science and business of 3-D. It can range from 3-D films, 3-D games, 3-D marketing and use in VR devices (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft Hololens, etc.) to industrial applications, education, architecture & construction, medical, amusement parks & attractions and beyond.

We are here to help you take advantage of the great benefits that 3-D can add to visual communication and strive to push the limits and amaze you with virtual communication getting real. Well produced 3-D used the right way will expand the experience and improve the chance of being remembered when any other communication is fading away either it is a matter of better understanding and avoiding costly misunderstandings or for pure entertainment value.

Ogon is the company behind the patented ColorCode 3-D System, an amazing 3-D viewing system that opens up for a whole new way of communicating with 3-D as it enables the use of 3-D anytime, anywhere, in a very cost effective way.

As seeing is believing we do highly recommend you to have a look at, and be inspired by, our demos, and since sharing is caring we do also wish to share our knowledge, experience and lessons learnt in some of our case studies.

Our experience and knowledge include some of the largest events and projects in 3-D history working with world leading multi-national organizations as well as small local projects around the world. We are here to work with you making 3-D a natural and beneficial part of your visual communication and to help you start making business out of 3-D!

Andreas Krona
Ogon AB

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