Either you have started developing for VR (Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus etc.), AR, are planning a 3-D campaign, deliver content for autostereoscopic displays or own your own 3-D content for distribution, we can guide you in the right direction and help you avoid costly mistakes on the road to success.


We'll help you in idea generation and execution in how 3-D can be used creatively to make sure it generates the desired effects the best possible way and helps enhancing the story you wish to tell. The right way of distributing your content and reaching the audience you want to reach is also an important part of the creative process.


Correct 3-D settings, camera angles, and parallax in production as well as chosing the right compression and distribution platforms as well as anything inbetween can all affect the result and the experience of your 3-D project. We can also help providing you with 2-D to 3-D conversions of still images and introductions to anyone in our trusted network of 3-D experts throughout the world.


To consider using 3-D at all a solid business case and positive numbers on the bottom line is of highest significance. This is something that was many times missed or ignored during the latest 3-D hype. Your expectations and desired outcome is one of the first things we would like to bring into the discussion when working with you to make sure we can help you exceed those and start making business out of 3-D.

We are the first to admit that 3-D won't save the world and wouldn't hesitate to suggest not using 3-D in cases where it doesn't make sense because of whatever reason it might be. We do still believe though that 3-D used the right way can actually make a difference and our world a slightly happier place to be.

Here follows some short ideas ow how 3-D can be used in different business areas to expand the experience and enhance communication. We hope this can inspire you and we are more than happy to brainstorm around your projects whenever you need a push in the right direction.

Thanks to ColorCode 3-D any 3-D content owner can distribute and capitalize on their 3-D content to anyone, anywhere, using standard distirbution platforms. This means a possibility to create and broadcast 3-D formats on standard broadcast networks, distributing 3-D movies on VoD channels or even to iPads/tablets, as well as 3-D distribution over standard Blu-Ray/DVD.

Marketing and communication
For marketing ColorCode 3-D can be used in anything from making a 3-D ad in a magazine and attach the ColorCode 3-D glasses with the ad, via 3-D streaming/3-D web sites to big screen 3-D events and experiences. What about an outdoor 3-D promotion on Time Square...

The educational market is very interesting as many studies have shown that 3-D helps improve learning and understanding. ColorCode 3-D fits well in with the educational world as schools many times do not have the budgets for investing in 3-D hardware set-ups and neither do they have the proper time and knowledge to handle such a system. Combined with the relevant content ColorCode 3-D can thereby enable the possibility to take advantage of the benefits of 3-D for schools anywhere today.

We have experience from working with many of the largest medical companies in the world and it is quite natural that 3-D is of interest in the medical industry as it is very important to understand what is behind and in front to avoid costly, or even deadly, misunderstandings. Our experience range from surgery and training to medical animations, products and applications. Many times there are complex processes to understand and real life scenarios to present that can be made more real and understandable using 3-D.

Amusemet Parks and Attractions
Amusement parks, attractions, science centers, and museums usually already have a great understanding of the value of 3-D. We are offering a range of new opportunities to expand 3-D communication in these areas in very exciting ways. These opportunities are described more in detail in the Amusement Parks and Attractions - pdf.

In games
In games it is important that 3-D is properly integrated and not compromising on any other aspects of the game play. The best would of course be if 3-D, used the right way, can even create an advantage over playing the games in 2-D as well as enhancing the general experience and making a more life like and/or engaging game play. Certain games, or part of the games, will be better suited than others.

In real-time applications
Similar implementation as in games gives a possibility to enhance any real-time graphics application with 3-D capabilities on standard displays. We are currently looking into integration with CAD and simulation software as well as software for real-time marketing/presentation in anything from CAD and architecture to plant simulation, education and VR solutions. An interesting aspect in making 3-D more easily accessible and distributable is the possibility to enable 3-D viewing not only for the people working in 3-D/CAD environments but also for decision makers, customers and a wider general distribution that can aid in better communication and minimizing risks for costly misunderstandings.

Merchandize and product possibilities
There is a possibility to resell the ColorCode 3-D glasses with revenue possibilities, as well as offering 3-D related products or merchandize such as posters, books, etc.

We do really look forward to investigate and discuss any 3-D related questions with you and we are more than willing to share our knowledge and experience in the area. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss any ideas and projects and we can hopefully find exciting ways to grow business together either you can have help of our concultancy and advice, wish to use or license the ColorCode 3-D technology, resell our products and services, or have ideas for joint ventures and long term business relationships.

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