ColorCode 3-D enables easy accessible and cost effective high quality 3-D distribution to the masses. This opens up for a wide range of new possibilities to use 3-D as a natural part of visual communication and to create new, exciting products. 3-D can improve communication, help avoiding costly misunderstandings and create more engaging and entertaining experiences.
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ColorCode 3-D glasses

The ColorCode 3-D glasses are available in a number of standard models but can also be customized according to your needs and desires.

The ColorCode 3-D Prime™ glasses are our high quality plastic frame glasses available in two models with an option for custom print on the frame. They give a higher viewing experience and better viewing comfort than the ColorCode 3-D Paper glasses and are perfect for longer use and when the first impression is of highest importance. These glasses are also available in a 32 piece storage case perfect for classrooms, meeting rooms or smaller events and exhibitions.
ColorCode 3-D Prime - info

The ColorCode 3-D Paper™ glasses are available fully customizable as well as in our standard blue model. These are the low cost alternative perfect as a give away or as a carrier of a commercial message and to drive traffic to a web campaign or product site.
ColorCode 3-D Paper Standard - info & prices
ColorCode 3-D Paper Custom - info & prices

ColorCode 3-D Pro™ encoding

The ColorCode 3-D Pro encoding is our solution for mass distribution of 3-D film, animation, and still images. You deliver your 3-D content to us (as left/right stereo pairs) and get back an optimized ColorCode 3-D Pro encoded file that can be viewed in 3-D anytime, anywhere using standard distribution systems and 2-D displays.
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ColorCode 3-D RealTime™ encoding

ColorCode 3-D RealTime encoding allows you to integrate ColorCode 3-D into your own software or real-time solution. This can be a game, simulation, or CAD viewer. You know where you work with real-time graphics and we are here to help making it available anytime, anywhere in 3-D.
ColorCode 3-D RealTime - info
ColorCode 3-D in games

You will find even more information in our demos, case studies, and work with us sections and if you contact us directly at the information below and tell us about your project or ideas we will do all we can to support and help you expand the experience and start making business out of 3-D.

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